We Create Bespoke Indoor Garden Designs

What We Do

We create exterior and interior green spaces based on nature's tones, textures and rhythms.


Using real and faux plant combinations and a wide selection of quality vases, pots and materials we can create green landscapes like no other. 


Urban Trading Limited provides bespoke services to business and private clients, creating elegant spaces that connect people to nature.

We work with landscape gardeners , commercial and business clients, architects, interior designers, property developers, garden designers and private home owners.

About Us

We have a strong belief in the therapeutic and health benefits of natural spaces and seek to enrich the ecology of built up, sterile environments, improving the lives of people within them.

We believe strongly in a green environments mood-enhancing and stress reduction qualaties. Our aim is to create green spaces that improve and enrich the lives of people within them.

Our products are sourced from across the globe with people in mind – from the people who grow and build them to the people who buy and enjoy them.

Contact Us

Make an enquiry, request a product brochure, ask a question or get your free quote today. We aim to respond within an hour.